Presidential Trivia, Interesting Facts, Physical Characteristics, and Habits

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White House Easter Egg Roll

Presidents Day or Washington's Birthday?

Tradition of Presidents throwing out the first pitch at baseball games

Barack Obama trivia

List showing when there was no Vice President

List of Presidential campaign slogans

Heights of U.S. Presidents and Presidential Candidates

Height, Weight, and Body Mass Index (BMI) of the Presidents

Foreign trips and travel by Presidents

Airports named after Presidents

What the Presidents did on the Fourth of July

Top 20 List of individuals receiving the most Electoral College votes

Top 20 List of individuals receiving the most Popular votes

Presidents Favorite Foods

Smoking and tobacco habits

Presidential Visits to Navy Ships

Signatures of each President

Barack Obama Signature Analysis

Facial hair and the American presidency

Left handed Presidents

Comparison between Lincoln and Kennedy

What Makes a Good President? - American Psychological Association

Secrets about the Presidents

The 20 Year Jinx

99 Interesting Facts about the Presidents

Presidential Seal

Tokens and Treasures at the National Archives, Gifts given to the Presidents

Statuary Hall Desk Locations for Presidents who served in the House of Representatives

The Ex-Presidents journal article

US Presidents Clip Art

Hail to the Chief and other selections from "The President's Own" Marine Band

Math exercise using Presidential Trivia

Books about Presidential Trivia

The Complete Book of Presidential Trivia

Presidential Trivia

Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents

The Presidents Fact Book


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