Political Parties of the Presidents

Republican Democrat Federalist
Abraham Lincoln Andrew Jackson George Washington
Ulysses S. Grant Martin Van Buren John Adams
Rutherford B. Hayes James K. Polk
James A. Garfield Franklin Pierce Democratic-Republican
Chester A. Arthur James Buchanan Thomas Jefferson
Benjamin Harrison Grover Cleveland James Madison
William McKinley Woodrow Wilson James Monroe
Theodore Roosevelt Franklin D. Roosevelt John Quincy Adams
William Howard Taft Harry S Truman
Warren G. Harding John F. Kennedy Whig
Calvin Coolidge Lyndon B. Johnson William Henry Harrison
Herbert Hoover Jimmy Carter John Tyler
Dwight D. Eisenhower Bill Clinton Zachary Taylor
Richard Nixon Barack Obama Millard Fillmore
Gerald Ford
Ronald Reagan Union
George Bush Andrew Johnson
George W. Bush

Note: The Republican party was renamed the Union party for the 1864 election. Therefore, Lincoln also served under the Union party label. For Washington's initial election, political parties were not in existence. He became associated with the Federalist party after he was in office.


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