Chester A. Arthur

21st President: 1881-1885


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Birth: October 5, 1830 at Fairfield, Vermont as Chester Alan Arthur

Birthplace information from American

Fairfield, Vermont website

Death: November 18, 1886 at New York, New York

Photographs of Arthur Gravesite - Menands, New York


White House biography

Congressional biography

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The Presidencies of James A. Garfield and Chester A. Arthur

Chester A. Arthur : Twenty-First President of the United States

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James G. Blaine - Secretary of State

Robert Lincoln - Secretary of War

Election Results/Presidential Campaign

Arthur did not run for President in any general election, he was on the ticket as Vice President in the Election of 1880

1880 & 1884 Campaign and Election History

Events during Arthur’s administration and lifetime

Outline of events during Arthur’s life

Civil War service

Chinese Exclusion Act

Pendelton Act

First lady and family

Ellen Arthur biography from the White House

Pictures of Ellen Arthur from the Library of Congress


Brian Tompsett’s US President genealogy page

Arthur Ancestral Home

Arthur's citizenship


Chester A. Arthur page from C-SPAN

Arthur psychological profile

"Presidents in Our Backyard" video clip about Arthur


National Historic Sites/State Historic Sites/Landmarks/Places to Visit

Chester A. Arthur State Historic Site – Fairfield, Vermont

Chester Arthur Gravesite - Menands, New York

Arthur Cottage – Northern Ireland

Arthur Statue at Union College – Schenectady, New York


Pictures from the Library of Congress

Portrait from C-SPAN


Indian Policy Reform Extract from President Chester Arthur’s First Annual Message to Congress

Information about Arthur’s papers


Trivia from The Presidential Facts Page

Vice Presidents

Arthur did not have a Vice President


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