Presidential Campaign Slogans

Many of these campaign slogans can be found at Presidential Campaign Memorabilia web site from the Duke University Special Collections Library,
the "Campaigns and Elections" section of the American President site,
and the book The American Presidents.

Also, there is CD called Presidential Campaign Songs 1789-1996 which contains historical campaign songs, some of which contain presidential campaign slogans.

Other Resources

Singing to the Oval Office: A Written History of the Political Campaign Song article by Stuart Schimler

The World Almanac of Presidential Campaigns has campaign slogans for virtually all the elections and candidates from 1789 to 1988.

Some of these slogans were never said or authorized by the candidate themselves. They may have been said, printed, or broadcast by the candidate’s campaign or just an unaffiliated supporter of the campaign. There are also other phrases that are not strictly campaign slogans, but describe a policy or set of programs proposed or implemented by various administrations. Examples of these are: Square Deal (Theodore Roosevelt), New Freedom (Wilson), New Deal (Franklin D. Roosevelt), Fair Deal (Truman), New Frontier (Kennedy), Great Society (Lyndon Johnson), New Covenant (Clinton).