Presidential Power and Limitations

Article II of the Constitution: defining (and limiting) the presidential powers and duties

TITLE 3 of the US Code The President

Cato Policy Analysis - Executive Orders and National Emergencies: How Presidents Have Come to "Run the Country" by Usurping Legislative Power

Pardon Power - Federal Executive Clemency in the United States

Analysis and Examples of Presidential Powers

Text of War Powers Resolution

CRS Issue Brief War Powers Resolution: Presidential Compliance

Guide to Locating Executive Orders and Proclamations

Presidential Directives and Executive Orders

Executive Orders at the National Archives

Veto Power

Line Item Veto

Veto Record of the Presidents

Military Use of the Presidents

Books about Presidential Powers and Limits

Presidential Power (Power, Conflict, and Democracy: American Politics into the 21st Century)

Presidential Power and the Modern Presidents

A Splendid Misery : The Ebb and Flow of Presidential Power

The President, Congress and the Constitution: Power and Legitimacy in American Politics

The American Presidency : Origins and Development, 1776-1998

Power and the Presidency

Andrew Jackson and the Bank War : A Study in the Growth of Presidential Power

Bitter Harvest: FDR, Presidential Power and the Growth of the Presidential Branch

Truman and the Steel Seizure Case : The Limits of Presidential Power

Presidential MacHismo : Executive Authority, Military Intervention and Foreign Relations

Presidential War Power

Executive Privilege : A Constitutional Myth


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