James Madison Gravesite

Location: Madison Family Cemetery at Madison's Montpelier Estate
Address: 11407 Constitution Highway, Montpelier Station, Virginia

  • Madison Family Cemetery at Montpelier
  • Madison Family Cemetery at Montpelier
  • James Madison grave marker
  • James Madison gravesite
  • James Madison grave stone
  • James Madison gravesite
  • The photograph below is a view from the rear of Madison's grave.
  • rear view of James Madison grave
  • James Madison family cemetery marker
  • The two photographs below show historical markers that are attached to the wall at the Madison Family Cemetery.
  • historical marker at James Madison gravesite
  • historical markers at James Madison gravesite
  • The marker shown in the photograph below is found along Constitution Highway, just west of the entrance to James Madison's Montpelier estate.
  • Monument about James Madison gravesite

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