Presidential Inauguration and Oath of Office

Oath of Office

Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies

Inauguration exhibit from the Library of Congress

Inaugurations in American Memory from the Library of Congress

Inaugural Factfile from

2009 Inauguration information from the Washington Post

2005 Inauguration information from the Washington Post

Places and dates of inauguration and oath of office

Length and dates of inaugural addresses

Inaugural address search site by Yale University

Inaugural Addresses by Modern History Source Book

Inaugural Addresses and background from

The Presidential Inaugural: The Smithsonian Documentary Photographs

Article on past Presidential Inaugurals from the Washington Post

Pennsylvania Avenue - Site of Inaugural Parades

Role of Religion in Inaugurations

Inaugural Quiz

Records of Presidential Inaugural Committees at the National Archives

Presidential Transition

Official Presidential Inaugural Medals

Books and Videos about Presidential Inaugurals and the Oath of Office

Presidential Inaugurations

The Complete Book of Presidential Inaugural Speeches: from George Washington to Barack Obama

Presidential Inaugural Addresses

I Do Solemnly Swear : The President's Constitutional Oath: Its Meaning and Importance in the History of Oaths

The Official Inaugural Celebration - 2009

The Inauguration of Barack Obama DVD - 2009

2013 Inauguration Coffee Mug


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