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White House for Kids

C-SPAN in the Classroom – American Presidents for Teachers

Abraham Lincoln for Primary Children

Presidential Places to Visit on Field Trips

Presidents of the United States – Complete Internet Resource

Presidents: The Secret History from PBS Kids

President’s Day activities and games

Presidential Activities and Resources for Educators from the Presidential Timeline

Barack Obama lessons and activities

Mini-Lesson for Grades 4-6

The Inaugural Classroom: Lesson Plans

Classroom Activities for Presidents Day

Lesson Plans about U.S. Presidents and their National Parks from the National Park Service

Lesson Plans for elementary school teachers

Presidents lesson plan for middle school

Presidential Fact Find

Modern Presidential Campaigns Video Series

Books and other items with educational material

Presidents 17x22 Chart

Hooked on Presidents! : 75 Ready-To-Use Puzzle Activities Based on American Presidents from 1789-1994

Plays About the Presidents : Short Classroom Plays, Background Information, and Activities About 12 Influential Presidents

Presidents' Day and Martin Luther King (Thematic Unit)

Presidential Puzzlers

How to be President of the USA


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