Health, Disability, and Presidential succession

Order of Presidential Succession by

Presidential and Vice Presidential Succession Report from Congress [PDF file]

1792 Presidential Succession Act

1947 Presidential Succession Act

The 25th Amendment

Continuity of Government Commission

Article about the 25th Amendment and when it has been invoked

Is the Presidential Succession Law Constitutional? [PDF]

Succession to the Presidency - A Chronology

Underwriting the Presidents - journal article about mortality and longevity of the Presidents [PDF]

Medical History of American Presidents

Longevity and Cause of Death of U.S. Presidents

Report on Former Presidents, including lifespan

Presidential Transition article

President Ford speaking about Presidential Disability

Books about health, disability, and presidential succession

Presidential Leadership, Illness, and Decision Making

Unchosen Presidents : The Vice-President and Other Frustrations of Presidential Succession

Ill-Advised : Presidential Health and Public Trust

Papers on Presidential Disability and the Twenty-Fifth Amendment: By Six Medical, Legal and Political Authorities

Report of the Miller Center Commission on the Presidential Disability and the 25th Amendment


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